Sky Blue Tweed

It’s been a couple days since I’ve posted a look for you (even though I post daily looks on my Instagram). I was in DC all weekend visiting Visar’s sister and brother-in-law, but I also did a little shopping. There are still a ton of sales because designers are saying goodbye to the spring/summer trends and hello to fall trends. August is always an awkward transition for fashion because it’s still very hot outside (in Virginia at least) yet all the stores are coming out with their warmer, autumn looks. Check out my pictures to see how I incorporated both summer and fall trends into one look.

Though sky blue seems to be more of a spring/summer look, I’ve seen many blazers and pant patterns incorporate this color. I love it because it’s very feminine and pretty. The blazer and shorts are the same color even though each is a different fabric. The tweed blazer is the piece that ties in summer to fall. Tweed is a trend that started this spring and will be carried throughout the fall fashion season. Once you start to see more fall trends, you’ll probably see tweed mostly in black and white which I absolutely love. To finish off this classy look, I added the pearl necklace and earrings Visar bought for my birthday (pearls are my birthstone, so I’m obsessed). Enjoy!

*The blazer is only available in Zara stores.

Purchase the shorts here.

Purchase the white cami here.

Click here to watch the hair tutorial I used to create my sock bun!

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