Bold Print with Bright Blue

I decided to step out of my comfort zone for this look. I usually don’t wear bold prints and especially not in bold colors, but I’m obsessed with blue accents right now. If you follow my blog regularly, you know I’m also obsessed with rompers this summer. This is a very comfortable outfit because it’s a light polyester with an A frame that fits loosly under the waist. I was actually disappointed when I first received this romper in the mail because the print placement varies per item. I loved the placement on the model, but my print was offset. I added a picture below of the model, so you can compare the different prints.

Lately a lot of you have been asking the size of my outfits so you know whether the brand is true-to-size. I’m usually a size US 4 (depending on the brand I go up a size or down a size). For this particular romper, I purchased a Small which for Sabo Skirt is the same as a US 4. Make sure you check the size charts if you’re buying something overseas though—Sabo Skirt is an Australian brand which means a US 4 is actually an AUS & UK 8! Enjoy.

Purchase the Tile Villa Onesie here.

Sky blue hobo is an unknown brand.

Here’s the print shown on the website:

printHere’s my print:

DSC_0696 copy DSC_0671 copy DSC_0652 copy DSC_0669 copy DSC_0679 copy DSC_0684 copy DSC_0695 copy